De lege 2018: Law and society

Contributions by the Honorary Doctors

Red. Mattias Dahlberg

Upplaga : 1
År : 2019
ISBN : 9789177370253
Sidor : 386
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This volume of De lege includes articles and speeches by many of the recent honorary doctors within the Faculty of Law, Uppsala University. The contributions cover a wide range of different topics. Included are several of the speeches given by the new honorary doctors to members of the Uppsala faculty the day before the Conferment ceremony. With a few exceptions, none of the contributions have previously been published, and if so, in a limited form. All of the contributing authors have a longstanding relationship with the Uppsala Law Faculty and take part in the different educational and research activities at Uppsala University.

Contributing authors: Inge Lorange Backer, Stig von Bahr, Christian von Bar, Martin Borgeke, William E. Butler, Anders Eriksson, Markku Helin, Adrienne Héritier, Johan Hirschfeldt, Martti Koskenniemi, Michael Lang, Johanna Niemi, Hans G Nilsson, Peter Nobel, Paul Oberhammer, Esin Örücü, Ingemar Persson, Anne Ramberg, Outi Suviranta, Christine van den Wyngaert, Neil Walker.