Basics of International Taxation


From a Methodological Point of View

Martin Berglund & Katia Cejie

Upplaga : 2
År : 2018
ISBN : 9789176789650
Sidor : 152
Ämnesområde :

276 kr Porto/frakt tillkommer

This book aims at guiding the reader in his or her very first meeting with international tax law. For the purposes of the book, international tax law is divided into three closely interrelated parts: domestic international tax law, tax treaty law and EU tax law. The book focuses on the method used when solving problems of international taxation. Different methods are used in the three different parts of international tax law, but when dealing with a specific situation, all three parts must regularly be considered. It is vital for students as well as for practitioners to understand the methodological approaches when addressing issues of international taxation. No other textbook has taken this very basic and methodological perspective on international tax law. The book is filled with examples that aim at illustrating how the rules, principles and concepts of the legal field are used in practice.

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