De lege 2010. Party Autonomy


Civil Procedural Wiews on Party Autonomy, Franz Klein, EU Law and More.

Red. Mattias Dahlberg

Upplaga : 1
År : 2010
ISBN : 9789176787793
Sidor : 148
Ämnesområde :

301 kr Porto/frakt tillkommer

The texts in this book are based on papers presented at a civil procedural colloquium in Uppsala 27–28 of April 2010: Party Autonomy in Civil Procedure – a comparison of Austria, Slovenia and Sweden, in the light of the ideas of Franz Klein and with a view to the political contexts of the three countries. The Uppsala event contained a number of presentations on the theme of party autonomy. Furthermore ongoing research by young scholars from Ljubljana, Zürich, Uppsala and Gothenburg was presented, since the colloquium was set up also for the purpose to develop and initiate research exchange and ditto collaboration between the four participating countries in the field of civil procedure.

Medverkande författare: Torbjörn Andersson, Aleš Galič, Paul Oberhammer, Anna Waldenström, Christian Koller, Anna Wallerman, Jerca Kramberger Škerl.

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