A Life in Criminology. Festschrift to Jerzy Sarnecki


Ed: Robert Andersson & Paula Wahlgren

Upplaga : 1
År : 2022
ISBN : 9789177371663
Sidor : 268
Ämnesområde :

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A Life in Criminology is a celebration of Jerzy Sarnecki and his contribution to criminology. The book contains original papers from a range of writers from the fields of criminology, criminal law, and crime policy. A common theme of the book is Jerzy’s contribution to a public criminology and his willingness to contribute to the public debate concerning crime and crime policy.

Crime has been a central social problem around which the modern state has evolved. In Sweden, crime and crime policy have been important subjects during most decades of the 20th century, and have from the late 1970s onward gained more and more attention in the public mind. This period is characterized by many events and happenings: the introduction of drugs, the rise in youth crime, the downfall of the rehabilitative ideal, the re-articulation of the welfare state and migration. But the period has also seen a constant – Jerzy Sarnecki. Ever since his dissertation in 1978 Jerzy has been part of Swedish criminology, and not only a part but a driving force! Appointed in 1993 to the (then) only chair in criminology Jerzy has been instrumental in turning criminology from a subject matter on the margins to one of the most applied for subjects at Swedish universities, while at the same time becoming a public intellectual trying to bring about an informed public debate on crime and crime policy. This Festschrift is a celebration of Jerzy turning 75 years in 2022 as well as a celebration of his contribution to criminology. This Festschrift brings together papers from scholars, judges, jurists, lawyers and public officials, but above all it brings together a bunch of friends of Jerzy who want to celebrate his work and his contribution to criminology!

Contributing authors: Robert Andersson, Paula Wahlgren, Agneta Bäcklund, David P. Farrington, Darrick Jolliffe, Emil W. Plywaczewski, Ewa M. Guzik-Makaruk, Wojciech Filipkowski, Sten Heckscher, Martin Hällsten, Ryszard Szulkin, Johan Kardell, Peter Lindström, Anne Ramberg, Lawrence W. Sherman, Anette Storgaard, Bo Svensson, David Weisburd, Taryn Zastrow, Martin A. Andresen, Kiseong Kuen, Erik O. Wennerström & Per-Olof H Wikström.

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