True Partnership as True Learning


Knowledge sharing within Mannheimer Swartling

Anna Jonsson

Upplaga : 1
År : 2013
ISBN : 9789176788684
Sidor : 132
Ämnesområde :

304 kr Porto/frakt tillkommer

True Partnership as True Learning is ultimately a book about satisfaction. It is a book about working at, and being part of the Swedish law firm Mannheimer Swartling. More specifically, it is a book about knowledge sharing.

The aim of this book is to outline a discussion on how, and why, knowledge is shared in practice, and what it takes to achieve an elite identity organization and sustainable success through job satisfaction – for the fortunate. Comparisons are made with another successful Swedish company, IKEA. From studying the way in which knowledge is shared in practice within these two organizations, it is clear that the foundations of successful knowledge sharing are a strong learning culture and a perception that the individual’s learning and development is important for the development of a firm that is guided by a Swedish leadership style that calls for consensus, a shared vision and collaboration.

Successful knowledge sharing relates more to leading knowing in practice than managing knowledge. As such, this book offers an alternative perspective to that of traditional knowledge management, and stresses that achieving sustainable success calls for a new approach to knowledge sharing.

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